Elon why'd Ya Kill Me??Asks the Twitter Bird

I love twitter NOT

I can no longer say I love the Twitter platform. 

And not only because Elon Musk has rebranded it! 

Nope. I can honestly say I am seriously frustrated and put off by the latest inaction on issues and leanings towards all paid all the time (In my view) My main account has not be able to follow anyone for almost 9 months… no follow back, no new follows.. it’s like being in a weird glass box.. watching myself lose followers as i do not follow-back.. 

The “bloom is off the rose” as my gran used to say.. I wrote the initial post here in 2011.. I had finally given twitter a fair c shale and found i quite liked the interesting mix of people, business, leisure and fascinating information that steadily flowed through my feed. 

Only 2 days ago, Elon, the tech billionaire, started removing the bird logo that has been part of Twitter’s identity since 2006.

I’m wondering what some bird did to Mr. Musk??? Was he chased as a child? Did a large tweeter perhaps defecate on his head? His shoulder?  His hand?  I all-ways heard that bird-poop was a good omen?? Was I lied to all these years? 

Not going to take time in my head for something i have no control over. Ultimately something that doesn’t really matter to me all that much.

What about YOU??? Are you liking the new  – pay as you play X app?  Do share your thoughts!

I love the Twitter platform.Why 140 characters?

Excerpt from How Twitter Was Born Dom Sagolla @dom’The service was only a few months old when the group acquired Twitter.com and re-branded. Back then, we had no character limit on our system. Messages longer than 160 characters (the common SMS carrier limit) were split into multiple texts and delivered (somewhat) sequentially. There were other bugs, and a mounting SMS bill. The team decided to place a limit on the number of characters that would go out via SMS for each post. They settled on 140, in order to leave room for the username and the colon in front of the message. In February of 2007 @Jack wrote something which inspired me to get started on this project: “One could change the world with one hundred and forty characters.” ‘

People are so fascinating and you get a glimpse into their random thoughts, which can be funny, heart wrenching and some times just plain baffling! Always interesting and a great jump-off point for a conversation, or an idea which may work well for your business. This platform alone has totally changed the way business interacts with the consumer. People to People transcends the old corporate style of directors and CEO’s being so far removed from the everyday

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