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Marketing – MORE than a Shift: Complete New Focus

STOP Bombarding your Customers

“Actually the marketing funnel has officially given notice and retired to Naples, Florida like all snowbirds do,” HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan said in his keynote. at this years #INBOUND18. The annual INBOUND conference is a great gathering of minds discussing all things marketing and content for our changing world and celebrating the human-helpful side of business.

@Lisa Buyer provided a great summary of the inbound marketing summit, and yet, it’s only part of the equation.  I firmly believe we have reached the place/point/time where all the changing marketing pieces meet.. the virtual summit if you will.

This is where my post goes off the rails for a little bit.. bear with me please…

For me, it required further research to finally settle on which ‘summit’ I could refer to as the highest point.  Why? According to Google, there are actually three mountains that could be considered the tallest. I couldn’t simply state for instance: Mt. Everest. It is the tallest mountain from sea level to peak.  Yet, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain from base to peak, the base being at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And then, there is Chimborazo the tallest mountain from the center of the earth. The answer then relies heavily on your frame of reference. For a literal person like me, this is a true dilemma.

For your clients, their frame of reference is the only one that matters. When you decide which mountain fits the bill for the highest summit, remember that is only your frame of reference.  Maybe you’ll Google mountains too.

…And back to the article…

The New Focus

Reaching the highest peak means that the next step will be downward – and this down is a decline in old marketing methods and attitudes. In this case into a new realm of True Customer Relations. For me it’s a huge opportunity because it matches my values.

The growing evolution in customer connection is the new paradigm  and it is why I am excited. #INBOUND18 was all about the shift of paradigm in a world where people expect connection and expect response – how do businesses meet these expectations?

I believe it’s not just a shift its an entire new FOCUS… in fact I want to call it a REBOOT and we need to start with a completely different Operating System… The new system is Customer-centric. Its Customer first, last and ONLY.

Why is this necessary?

Never before has it been so easy for so many to get all the information you desire. You can Google mountains or anything you want, about products or services or concepts. No longer must you, as a consumer, rely on the information provided by marketers to clue you in. Each of us can make our own choice. You can get more information, and you can ask for referrals, get the experience from your friends, your tribe so you can make an informed decision.

Smart marketers understand what this means: consumers are more conscious of their choices and the world is their shopping ground. It is up to marketers to add value, form genuine relationships, and grow  to suit the customer’s needs as well as providing easier, less stressful interactions.

As more and more businesses get smart and move to the New Focus which is TROOL-y all about the Customer, I will bet you can name at least a couple of businesses right now that do exactly that and have your loyalty because of it.

You don’t have to get it now before it disappears nor will you miss the opportunity.

As a consumer, you want to do business with People you Know, Like and Trust. Your customers want that too – and it’s up to you to be trustworthy, and to be a presence they can learn to know and like.

Link: 12 New Realities of Inbound Marketing” Lisa Buyer’s article on #INBOUND18 Conference by Hubspot

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