My take-Smash Summit 2011, part 2

I believe Google+ to be the best of the social networks for the excellent content and the ability to learn from and about many specialists in all the fields that interest me . I have learned more, read more, laughed more and enjoyed some incredible and in some cases very long posts on such a wide variety of subjects I could never become bored.I just learned from a video with +Robert Scoble and his 2 friends that G+ is only getting about 300 thousand posts a day…

This saddens me at the moment; yet I believe Google+ will soon rival the other networks for sheer volume. Once people realize the number of excellent features you find here, they will add G+ to their roster.Things will also pick up once the platform is open to business and we will see a very different type of involvement. I know that I look forward to that day as does +Brock Predovich

I love that I can decide up front whether or not I want to play games, see what games others are playing or indeed have anything to do with games at all.

The greatest addition to my online activities is definitely hangouts.. although I had a rocky start.. see my blog post .. I am now apt to be found in a hangout at least once a day

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