Use The “TROOL Integrate & Optimize Method” to Triple Your Traffic

Did You Know that the ongoing changes to your social media channels, and the search engine algorithms over the past few years has made many websites, blogs, and social media profiles ineffective, incomplete or incorrect in many areas? 

Did you know that it’s crucial to know where you stand online?

why work with us?

Go from Invisible to Invincible: Be Google’s Preferred Choice in Your Niche


Digital Integration 

SEO, Social Media Optimization and Video Program For Entrepreneurs -45+  You want to be the authority in your niche. You know it’s important to:Grow your credibility as an expert in your field.


Get Found

It’s critical to be found in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). If you’re NOT on page #1 in the search results, your competition is taking your money! 

Get Social

Build Your Tribe

Always work to be sure your target audience has the best possible experience on your site, your blog, your social media, videos and podcasts as well as in person with you and your business.


PSSST! You know what’s most important in social media???

Being SOCIAL!!!!!! 

TROOL Social Media believes that ALL of your digital properties must work together.

Website • Blog • Social Media • Video and Podcasts

Start Building Relationships

The best thing you can do for your business is get to know your audience.  One at a time. YES!! REALLY…Let your audience in so they can Know Like and Trust you to be there for them. To provide the best products and services to meet their needs. 

Add Value

At every opportunity.  Nurture your tribe and build a vibrant thriving community in which you all succeed…

Be engaging, make all your online presence work in harmony to add value to your audience online and offline.

About us

Our experience effects your visibility

Your visibility in the search engines can make or break your business. Prospects want to Know, Like and Trust you BUT first they have to be able to FIND you

Breaking down the geek-speak, mapping out the strategy, clearly, concisely and IN PLAIN SPEAK. 

Providing integration and optimization strategy for Entrepreneurs 45+

Your success is our reward.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Building your brand recognition, trust, and social proof 

works to expand your reach whether you are local, national or in the global marketplace.

  • Staying connected with your clients
  • Building solid relationships
  • Always adding value: for your current clients, your new clients and prospects  

These are the basics of healthy business. These benefits are achievable when you with us to integrate and optimize all you do online.

Smart entrepreneurs like you know that it’s critical in this time of business disruption

for you, the authority in your niche, to get found first. 

Social Media Integration Services help you set foundations, and optimize your social networks, video, podcasts and more…  to solidify your social proof and influence. 

Right now this is more important than ever before.


Check what our clients say about us

“The key to success in the Social Age is not being an expert ourselves, but knowing how to find the right one when we need one, in any endeavor. We call it OPEN, short for Ordinary People, Extraordinary Network. My network is indeed extraordinary because of pros like Elaine Lindsay!”

Ted Coiné

Best selling Author Marketing expert

“Elaine Lindsay is passionate about social business strategy, training and integration with SEO. Elaine is a deeply knowledgeable resource, who can help you achieve the perfect social media fit for your business.

Mari Smith

Facebook Marketing Expert | Social Media Influencer | Speaker | Author

Elaine is an absolute treat to work with! She is the consummate professional and always goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients. She brings creativity and passion to every project and works to advance my business as if it were her own. Couldn’t ask for more or better. I highly recommend TROOL Social Media!

Cindy Watson

Negotiation Expert & Coach for Ambitious Women at ‘Women on Purpose’

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