No More Websites!

So as of yesterday, Google+ rolled out brand and business pages. I’m thrilled. I’ve been waiting for this since the start of G+.
I like the setup and the slight changes from the G+ profile pages…"Elaine Lindsay|Personal Profile Page"





The business pages have a few less areas of real estate to be cultivated, not as many places to add bits but the photos are the same array and there are videos, hangouts and the great new badges should you choose to maintain a website or blog."TROOL Social Media Business Profile Page"

With Facebook pages and now the Google+ pages it begs the question do you still need a website? Do you need a blog? We now have the ability to create long (up to 5000 characters) posts on both Google Plus and Facebook. The ease with which you can add photos and video right into your stream, makes me think  Google+ is a bit ahead in the running to capture the business community in full.

 So go get your Google + Page NOW


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