One week old today.Liam has stolen my heart well 1/4 of it |Search & Social Media Integrated Marketing
  •  ♥ ♥ He is Smiling  ♥ ♥

  • +Robert Redl +Ryan Van Sickle  and +Laurie DesAutels I am heading to Calgary on Sep 11 to see him..

  • Joe Saad says:

    Mega congratulations!

  • Congrats!! Very cute!!

  • Awww … he's adorable!!!  And I love his name :)  Congratulations!!!

  • Cute… like his grandmother!  ;)

  • He is sooo cute!!! Congrats +Elaine Lindsay , so happy for you all :)

  • visited my new Grand last May.  His brother is 9 years old–do you think this one was a surprise?

  • Congratulations, +Elaine Lindsay!!! He's beautiful! XO

  • Congratulation honey!
    It's so much easier being the grandma than the mom… ;)

  • m.jacob Jk says:

    So sweet and cute baby congrat

  • Super cute and beautiful +Elaine Lindsay ! Enjoy em! :)

  • What a cutie! Congrats, Gramma 'Laine!

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