July 27

One week old today.Liam has stolen my heart well 1/4 of it

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as there are 3 other gorgeous grandkids too! . Gramma is heading out to see him in September!! Woo Hoo +Julia Senesac +Maria Pirsic +matthew rappaport +Eileen A. McAllister +Shefali Burns +Robert Redl +Tom Rolfson +Joe Saad +Al Espinosa +LisaBeth Klein +HEATHER FAY +Ryan Van Sickle +Amanda Blain +Amanda Paddon +Laurie DesAutels +Maria Quiban  +Mari Smith +Chris Lang +Margie D Casados +Yifat Cohen +Chris Yates +Chris Brogan and +Mark Babbitt +Ted Coiné and +Shawn Murphy

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