One-word theme for 2012 is ‘Focus’

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My one-word theme for 2012 -Part 2

So here I am on January 5th, 2012 feeling like a racehorse at the gate! I can hardly stand still; filled with nervous excitement I am ready to take on 2012.  I post this in a very personal manner as it pertains to my core, and the changes that I see for the year ahead. (To read Part 1)

It’s all good: I know where I’m heading and have it mapped out, albeit loosely.

The one-word theme for the year is ‘Focus’

My passion is ‘Helping others Succeed’  I take immense personal satisfaction and just a  soupçon of ownership when they do!

Focused on my passion:I’m ready to charge ahead into every day focusing specifically on the task at hand. No scatter-gun approach for me. I will focus on one thing at a time..

I’m brought to a *Screeching halt*  –  my friend says “Hold it! You are forgetting to start at the right place, the beginning – YOU – you need to focus on You first!”

More to the point.. I have just be taken to task for my lack of focus on ME  I disagree, I told my friend.  I am in fact doing exactly as I said I would in Part 1 of this post!  She cheerfully pointed out that I wasn’t focusing on me (the nerve of her, LOL), but focusing my plans.  Which is not the same as focusing on me, and putting me first.

I am a bit cheeky, and love to have fun. It shows in my writing, it shows in my speech and it shows in my business.. I don’t ever want to take myself too seriously! I believe there is a place for fun and comedy in every life.

So with laser focus I’m off on my journey!


What is/are your theme word(s) for 2012?



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