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Did You Know that the ongoing changes to your social media channels, and the search engine algorithms over the past year has made many websites, blogs, and social media profiles ineffective, incomplete or incorrect in many areas?

Did you Know that it’s crucial to know where you stand online?Do you Know if your digital footprint has kept up with all the changes?

Did you Know that as of July 2018 SSL certificates are a necessity as many antivirus programs will not open insecure websites. 

Did you Know the Mobile Only index is in effect? How does your website/blog stack up?

Digital Audio report Cover Image TROOL Social Media

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • Are your social profiles complete? How many do you have on each social media channel?
  • Is your website and your blog indexed in the search engines?
  • Are the links to your social channels viable? Do you have all of your links?
  • Does your website/blog load quickly?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?

These are only a few of the questions we answer in your online audit report . The online audit report is completed in 21 business days for a basic website* [ this includes 1 website, 1 blog (if separate), up to 5 social media accounts]

Larger websites/blogs require the extended online audit. The report for the extended audit is completed in 30 days

When you receive your report we book a follow up 20 minute video chat or phone call to walk you through the report and answer any questions. The report provides a snapshot of your digital footprint. The next step would be to design an exclusive digital strategy for your company.

Complete the application form to start the process. Note: Audits are queued on a first come basis.

Capitalize on your social proof with the following custom packages

Digital Audio report Cover Image TROOL Social Media

Digital AuditHow Visible Are You Online

Evaluation of Your Digital Footprint Web Presence Audit  

Check mark for positive results from TROOL Social Media

Digital Integration Strategy

 Digital Footprint

Digital Integration Strategy (includes Social Media Editorial Calendar)


Digital Video

Video Training & Production

Video Training, Video Intros*, Editing, Production**, SEO

Prices vary *Intros start at $150**Webinar production starts at $300

Video Training can be virtual or IRL

Live Trainings

Digital On-Site Training

Train your Team 

On-site Training*(you, your support staff and service providers) (onsite +travel and expenses)*minimum 3 participants

$800 per person per platform (full day)

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