Social Media and Search Optimization Consulting


TROOL Social Media and Search Optimization Consulting works with you one-to-one to meet your online business goals

Build Your Brand Recognition, Trust, and Social Proof

Expand your reach in a global marketplace

You know one-on-one is how you learn best. We’ll share tips and tricks to help skyrocket your brand to the top of your chosen niche , getting you increased visibility and putting you at the head of your marketing game.

You may only have a couple of  questions you want to get answered.  We offer consult packages in blocks of time to best suit your requirements.

You have a full schedule, you know social media yet you would prefer to up your game. We confirm your level of knowledge and tailor our time to tackle the key factors you are missing to help you with your strategy. Claim your place as the expert in your chosen niche.

Phone Consultations

Not sure where to start? Book a phone consultation to get the best information, answers and possibilities for your situation. Every business is different. Your business deserves the service package that maximizes your investment of time and resources and achieves the best results.

What is the best use of your time and resources to maximize your benefits? Let’s talk!

30-minute Phone Consultation $175

60-minute Phone Consultation $325

Training & Consulting

$300 – $500 an hour (plus travel expenses if applicable)

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