TROOL Social Media works with small business professionals 45+ to thrive in social media. We provide the tools that optimize your web presence also known as your online footprint. Knowledge is Power. Your web presence needs to be like a Lamborghini; the power lies in all cylinders and all onboard parts humming along in unison.

Social Media & Search Optimization Training like a lamborghini Aventador

Like your dream car, your online footprint works best when all of the internal parts are working together:In harmony.

Social Media is about connecting.

Engagement is a two-way street: One that your dream car needs to share with all the other vehicles out there. Search and Social Optimization is like having the best maintenance package available for your dream vehicle… Always keeping up with the maintenance assures your car runs smoothly, responds quickly and drives beautifully.

Elaine Lindsay says social-engagement-2way-street ©2014 -Social Media & Search Optimization Training

How do you build your following? Like your fabulous car, you the driver need to stand out. Be Courteous , Engage, Re-Share Often and Obey the Rules of the Road! (In social media that means things like accreditation [yielding the right of way], those thank yous [letting others in, ahead of you], Not being a broadcaster [Road Hog]

Online videos are like a great detailing (wash and a wax job) for your car. Shiny gets their attention, so your message can be heard! Optimized video, and production, which is the fine detailing, helps you become even more searchable… and the bonus you get from both, helps you head for the top in the SERPs.

You can always find TROOL Social Media revving the engine of our dream car @ the corner of search and social. Sharing our knowledge so you can harness the power of search and social, beginning with Google+

Train your people: Get the best results for your investment

Social Media Channels

  • Account setup training for ongoing optimization and exposure (per account)
  • Training for ongoing account management that builds your target market ( per account)
  • Including Spam Monitoring, Campaign Management, and Monthly Progress Evaluation
  • Training for crafting Search Optimization strategy tailored content (per account)

Busy with your business?

Temporary account management (using your provided content) monthly per account

Includes Spam Monitoring, Campaign Management, and a Monthly Progress Report


Social and Search Optimization strategy based on tailored high-quality content for your platforms (monthly per account)

Reputation Management Training

Learn to monitor brand mentions that require attention


Custom design and template creation to get you started

Training for crafting niche-specific high-quality content that is social media and search optimized for your blog

Busy with your business?

Ghostwriting individual blog posts for peak season or holiday relief

Social and Search Optimization strategy based on niche-specific high-quality content for your blog (1-2 posts per week)

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