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     Social Media Optimization and Integration 

    Building your Brand Recognition,Trust, and Social Proof

    Expanding your reach in a global marketplace

    Social Media Integration Services help you set foundations, and optimize your social networks, Video, podcasts and more...  to solidify your social proof and influence

    It’s a fact: People talk about your business using social media, with or without you; let’s put you in those conversations!

    Staying connected with your clients. Building solid relationships, and always adding value: for your current clients, your new clients and those prospects who are not yet clients..  These are the basics of healthy business. Smart entrepreneurs like you know that it's the same online and offline.   

    Maintaining your business profile, your products and services where the action is’ can put you ahead of the pack for your niche.

    Using your social media analytics, measuring your impact, and adjusting your approach will help with your traffic. TROOL Social Media keeps you in the know and helps you to be sure you are part of the buzz!

    This brand awareness is powerful and becomes stronger through integrating all of your social media, your video and your search optimization efforts, boosting your visibility exponentially in the search results..

    Interested? Here’s How You Get Started

    TROOL Social Media works with business professionals to utilize social media, video, podcasts and search to  integrate and optimize your web presence also known as your online footprint.

    Social media integration- optimization-lamborghini Aventador

    Knowledge is Power

    Your web presence needs to be like a Lamborghini; the power lies in all cylinders and all onboard parts humming along in unison. No one part functions all on its own.  Like your dream car, your online footprint works best when all of the internal parts are working together:In harmony.

    Social Media is about connecting

    Engagement is a two-way street: One that your dream car needs to share with all the other vehicles out there. Search and Social Optimization is like having the best maintenance package available for your dream vehicle… Always keeping up with the maintenance assures your car runs smoothly, responds quickly and drives beautifully.

    Elaine Lindsay talks about Social media engagement|two-way| Social media strategies