Prosper Now In The New Economy II


Your Competition is Taking Your Money!

When You're Not
Found First In Search

Group II Enrollment
Closes on May 21
Group starts on May  26


Everyone is NOW online..  You’re one small business in an Ocean of Small Business

How Can You STAND OUT?

What you do in the next few months is going to be critical to your business survival

It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows you are there...

If you don't know how to stay ahead of the competition..

Hell, you may not even know exactly who your competition is...

When you don't know what the new business landscape is going to look like... 

How can you reach your target audience?

What are you missing online?

You thought you were doing all the right things,,,

STILL your business is NOT being found in the search results...

Your competition is...

showing up in search...

AND by the way did you know...

Google is now your competition!

Yes you read that right! 

Google isn't just the #1 search engine in the world

NOW Google is your number one Competition!

Google is taking up more than half of the real estate on page one!!

And there you are… on page what????

Your Competition is Taking Your Money:

When You're Not Found First In Search!

In the next three months you are going to need to confirm your authority, increase your social proof, and stay ahead of the competition.   
Learn to use all the proven tools I have developed specially for you.  

Position yourself as the business leader while your industry recovers.

EVERYONE is online NOW...

The only good news - you don’t have to figure it out alone… 

Tough times call for tough measures. This AIN'T Yesterday's Digital Marketing!

Join me in my new group over the next three months - Let's Adapt to the New Normal

12 weeks and all the ways to get YOU found faster in this New Age

Special Group Price!

$ 49 US per Month* 
3 month commitment required

Here’s What Will Happen For You

Once you register for the group, you will receive an email with your group login details.
We will meet each week to tackle your online properties to make them recession proof!

You have the power to make your business future bright. Become the chosen authority in your industry.

Be the Leader

Be Found Ahead of the P​​​​ack

Google searches for front runners. When you sound like everyone else you are NOT going to be found. Learn the language that sets you apart.
 Be their first choice!

Create A Process That Works Throughout The Digital World

No matter what your platform you use, you will optimize each one so that YOU stand out from the competition.

Build Social Proof to Solidify your Credibility

Don’t just look to the Influencers, become THE Influencer in your niche. Make sure You Lead as the Influencer in this New Normal

Increase your Traffic and Leads

Driving your prospects to your own real estate positions YOU ahead of the crowd that relies on social media to get seen.

Don't just take my word for it, here’s what people are saying about my groups


Angela Sutcliffe

Business Coach

Absolutely critical for my success

One of the things I like most about the way Elaine teaches is that she brings things down from the highest level to the most understandable. Elaine’s toolkit has helped me to consistently place high in search which is the noise of all my competition is absolutely critical for my success. Thank you Elaine


Lisa Boutilier

Real Estate Agent, Realtor(r), Sales Representative

Thank you SO MUCH for all you help and easy guidance. I am so impressed by the tips you shared with me and was wowed to see that out of 113,000 search results, you were able to get me on the first page of a google search. The small changes you guided me through and the background work you did really made an amazing difference


Gile E Beaudoin

Executive Director

Elaine as a Google trainer 

I highly recommend Elaine as a Google trainer and I look forward to continued studies with her, to better comprehend Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy. 

Over The Next Three Months... 

You will learn


Month 1:  Survival : Pulling all your online bits together!

What do you have online? Are you SURE?

Where can your audience find you?  Are You where you need to BE?

Where are you NOW?  Where We WILL GO!


Month 2: Recovery: Rockin' all your online bits !

What are you doing well?

What do you need to step up?

Where can we increase your OOMPH!!
And the big one:

How to measure and monitor what you do.


Month 3: Going Forward:  Maximizing YOU...  
                  Social Savvy Included

We learn to:

Aim your focus on the right target market.

“Start as you plan to Finish” when you implement the practices you learn, it's the best way to adopt the habit long term.

Start implementing good I & O practices:

     Integrate all you do online,

     Optimize every facet of your business,

  1. Set up your follow up systems with prospects and clients.
  2. Measure your online growth every month
  3. Make the adjustments you need in your analytics

HOMEWORK becomes Maintenance.  This is the lifeblood of your online business -
Now you have the tools and commitment to apply it all.

Consider this time as an opportunity to surge to the forefront of your industry. This is not a time to check out and drive yourself crazy with worry. Consider this a time to renew your business for the new economy.

It’s not survival of the fittest it's survival of the FASTEST

About Your Group Leader
Elaine Lindsay

Elaine had to re-invent herself multiple times, after a long term illness took her out of the game. A lifetime learner, she chose to maximize every second:by soaking up all the knowledge she could: first in books, then online.  Immersed in the world of website design, SEO and social media since 1999, early on, Elaine intuitively saw the integration of those disciplines and the possibilities for small business.

Right now Elaine knows exactly what you need to learn.

What You Can't See From a Quick Glance elaine-lindsay-glammapreneur-TROOL-social-media

Here’s what people are saying about Elaine


Lisa Anna Palmer

Cattelan Palmer Consulting

Avoid common SEO mistakes

If you use the web and social media to promote your business or share content, learn to boost your brand by avoiding common SEO mistakes from a wonderful person Elaine Lindsay


Susanna de Beer

Fiesta Ottawa - Orleans

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing at delivering information while speaking, and understands not everyone is at the same technical level.


Julie Richer

PEAK Energy Managementt

knowledge, expertise and generosity!

Spent a good chunk of my day with Elaine Lindsay. Learned so much about social media, optimization, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and the list goes on and on. Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and generosity! You are amazing!

This AIN'T Yesterday's Marketing Group

Retooling your online world for the new reality.


49 per month*

This group requires a three month commitment.

  • Quick Start
  • Once a Week Meetings (12 weeks)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend all the meetings?

How long is each session? 

How much time is required for homework? 

Will there be a replay for each session?

What if I don’t do the homework?

How do we get in touch with the leader of the group?

I want you to know...

It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows you are there.. .

I get that this is a scary time. It can be daunting to think of all the other businesses that are in the same boat. Let’s make you stand out in all the ways that matter when it comes to having your business found online. 

This current state of disruption gives you the time to work on the foundations that will help your business surge to the forefront online. You'll emerge as the leader in your industry, as we head into this new digital future.

There's no time to waste.. let's get to work!

Elaine Sign off

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