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R.E.O.I. ♦ TROOL’s New Digital Marketing Equation

Introducing R E O I

For a few years now, we’ve been talking about ROI and how it can be difficult for small business to really calculate the impact of social media directly. I believe we are looking at it from the wrong perspective, Social Media is not a separate entity. Not a stand-alone. 

For so long we operated all our digital bits independent of one another: Compartmentalization. The web development people did their thing, and the SEO people did theirs, and the social media people were off on their missions. None of them interacted. None of the disciplines seemed to understand the others. As social media took a more secure foothold as a key facet of your marketing strategy, we began to see the first glimmer of a collaboration between the SEO people and the SoMe’s. Enter Semantic Search and the Google Hummingbird update.google_hummingbird_logo

Now social proof can be a factor in your search optimization and can impact the visibility of your websites and blogs in the SERPs. 

I come from the Relationship Marketing school, believing it is about the relationships you build first: The sales and (ROI) the return on your investment are definitely important factors, I believe we start from our relationships. Like Ted Rubin who started ROR™

I believe we need to incorporate one more acronym into the digital marketing equation.

REOI.  Meet Our New ‘Engagement Equation’

We should be looking at our entire digital presence, and taking into account these 4 things:

R-elate ( building the relationships is the first step)

E-ngage (nurturing and communicating with those relationships fosters trust, and also gives you better insight into the needs of your ideal clients)

O-Optimize (EVERYTHING you do online: from a post on a social media channel to a Share, to your blog, website, your newsletters, ad purchases, and search efforts) NEEDS TO BE OPTIMIZED

I-Integrate (EVERYTHING you do needs to fit within the framework of your digital presence) your strategy , your team ,your clients, and prospects.


In a nutshell, it’s really very simple.

  1. Visibility is Key  (you have to be found in search)
  2. Engage, Add Value, Repeat…

Understanding that everything you do – every post, every blog, every action online contributes to your online identity and impact – is a different perception of online marketing. It takes some getting used to, because it really became critical in 2013 with the emergence of semantic search.  As much as the online world is constantly evolving, it still takes time for thinking to adjust.  In order for all your efforts to have the impact you want, everything you do requires an awareness of integration and optimization. This is about getting the most results for your efforts – why not get more?  Why settle for less than the most benefit from your action?

REOI is your checklist for getting the most benefit. REOI is your pathway to more for you! Save & Exit

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