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Recovery time: less than 10 days to hit number 1 on page 1 in the SERPs

Okay, I am admitting up front that I’m embarrassed about this. My face is red, my head is bowed, but I took the challenge. My recovery time was less than ten days, which is pretty decent, right?

You’d think, given that my expertise is optimization of your whole online presence, including social, that every aspect of my company’s branding and social would be optimized. Until a review by my CEO I would have said it was – I was wrong!

During a typical review, the CEO presented me with a question that baffled me: why wasn’t our tagline on page 1 in the SERPs? My first reaction was a complete blank – I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it. Any of my clients would have their tagline optimized, because their clients may search using a catchy tagline. They may forget your name, and your company name, and remember the tagline – so of course I’d have optimized my company’s tagline, right?

search-social-media-trool-corner-compact-logo At the Corner of Search and Social

I’ve been using the tagline “at the corner of search and social” for over a year, how could it not be optimized? To be really frank, I didn’t think of it. This is truly ironic because I specialize in ensuring that all aspects of your online presence are optimized so that you’re found – this is a real case of walking my talk.

I had to scramble to fix this. My integrity requires that I walk my talk.  The search results presented to me were not encouraging: in 255 million results we were at the bottom of page two. In SERP terms, that requires some climbing. I ran some tests for objective data, then I got to work optimizing the phrase “at the corner of Search and Social.”
TROOL Social Media is #1 out of 989 Million possible results in under 10 days Number 1 on Page 1 (incognito mode)

I made it in less than ten days, which is not too shabby. TROOL Social Media is now number 1 on Page 1 in the SERPs for “at the corner of Search and Social.” Number 1 out of 989 million possible search results is the right result, even if I was scrambling to recover. Objective testing confirmed that I had fixed my gaffe, and my walking was now consistent with my talking: optimize everything about your online presence.

For this week, my theme must be:
Optimize everything about your online presence AND
Remember to optimize your tagline in Search and Social.
I’ll be right here, at the corner of Search and Social, shouting it out.

ladder-climb-serps-trool-social-mediaI’ll also be doing an audit of the TROOL Social Media web presence, in case there’s something else I missed. Why wouldn’t I give my company the same thorough analysis I give my clients?

Where is your tagline in the SERPs?

What’s your tagline? Use an Incognito window to get an idea what your clients will find when they search for your tagline. Are you easy to find – even if they don’t remember your name?

I can help you climb the SERPs for your tagline and the keyword phrases that your potential clients are using. I can help you integrate the optimization of all of your online presence to own your niche in the online marketplace.

I took my company to number one in less than ten days.
Let’s talk about what I can do for you.

We can help. Call or email us to help you with all your optimization and social needs.

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