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Web Presence Audit

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Web Presence Audit including Social Media

TROOL Social Media Offers You Integrated – Optimized Social Media – Search Mastery: Starting with a Strong Foundation 

The digital world and social media can be overwhelming.  Maintaining a website, blog and your social channels can seem daunting. How and why do these platforms integrate? Do we have the necessary icons? Do our links work? We haven’t even touched on social sites! Where do we start and what are the priorities?

There are hundreds of social media channels out there. Are you losing customers because you aren’t keeping up? Which social channels are right for you? Will social media presence actually impact your bottom line?

It used to be enough to have good services and products. It used to be enough that you had talent, quality and something ‘special’ to offer. People knew your business, liked you and trusted you. Social media has become the venue for establishing your professional credibility and expertise. Social media is all about People you Know, Like and Trust (PKLT). Building credibility and trust requires an ongoing, targeted strategy. Social media is now an integral part of any marketing strategy.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. ~ Elaine Lindsay 2011

Take back your power from online fly-by-nights and big box stores by treating people like the valued customers they desperately want to be – and deserve to be.

You, and your company can feel like the bar where everyone knows your name, and they know you for providing timely customer service excellence.  How do you and your company become someone that People Know, Like and Trust? The secret to standing out in the onslaught of social media is in refining your niche and owning it online and off. TROOL Social Media will help you build  a solid foundation online. With that foundation in place, you can build and  target your social influence  to own your niche.

How effective is your current presence?

We start by measuring your impact today. A TROOL Web Presence Audit includes Social Media. It is the white glove test for your online presence. This ruthless evaluation of your resources and presence throughout the web will identify gaps, inconsistencies, and errors while establishing the starting point for a successful strategy.

What social media and online tools will laser focus ownership of your niche?

  • What is the best use of your resources?
  • Become the PKLT (People you Know, Like and Trust) for your clients and prospects
  • Be found by the people who want your business services and products
  • Be known as the best in your niche
  • Establish your processes for ongoing expansion of your influence

Why is TROOL Social Media Your Solution?

We know you must start with a solid foundation if you want your business  to weather the elements. In the digital world those elements include your website(s), blog(s) and all your social channels.

It’s not enough to have a nice website or blog. It’s not enough to publish great posts on social platforms. We will identify your focus for your online image, content and messaging to define an effective online strategy across all your platforms. Targeting your niche audience by precisely aiming search and social allows you to amplify your reach. Social proof demonstrates your influence and acknowledges your expertise.

TROOL Social Media helps you build your professional authority on a strong foundation to support expansion and evolution.

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Web Presence AUDIT  Small to Medium Business
(annual less than $10M)                                      $2500

What exactly have you got online?

A TROOL Social Media Audit is an in depth, ruthless evaluation of your current resources, your impact online and the integration of your online and offline presence. An audit is the essential first step in designing the foundation that will support your online credibility and expertise to build your social proof.

By identifying the gaps, inconsistencies and flaws in your existing online presence we determine the most important elements to be used in planning your focus and strategy.
Click here for details on packages for your social media and web presence focus and strategy.

Your social media influence scores measure your existing social capital, which is a major element of your social proof. Identifying your existing social capital identifies what is necessary to build your potential online authority.

Parts of the Audit:

  • Internal: your site, blog, social profiles and more. We’re going to poke in your corners with our white glove to measure your presence and test your effect.

  • External: brief competitor analysis. Do you know what your competition is doing and how they show up online?

  • Evaluation and recommendations about your current processes. What can you improve immediately and easily?

Now you’re equipped to proceed in identifying the focus and strategy for an optimized web presence. TROOL Social Media has a package for every service you need to take action on the discoveries of your audit.

Start building your web presence and earning your social proof
with custom packages for:


Initial Web Presence Audit with Strategic Planning
(including Social Media) (annual over $1M)


Evaluation and Update of Web Presence Strategic Planning

$2500 monthly (3-month minimum)

Training for you, your support staff and service providers

$800 per person, per platform

Referral Services: Access the best specialists

  • Social Media Management
    (done for you)
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • e-Commerce
  • Content Development and Support

Custom pricing

‘The Maximizer’

I call Elaine Lindsay the Maximizer. Elaine has the expertise to help any business owner bring it all together when it comes to their online presence. If you want to make sure you are leveraging your social media efforts and Google resources, she is your go to gal! ~Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

Contact TROOL Social Media to schedule an audit.


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