Sexy Hot Free- Market Me Suite has it all!

I thought I had tried most of the social media management dashboards out there. As a small business I am always looking for the best value and the most bang for my buck..and the bucks of my clients.  every time..

There are any number of choices out there. I was really unsure of which app or dashboard I really felt comfortable with:I liked one piece of one app and another bit on another app. None were exactly what I wanted or had the ease of use and layout I was looking for until Market Me Suite."Market Me Suite| Social media management Dashboard"

I needed a group of tools that would handle a variety of status updates, sort followers, cull the unfollowers and give me a good view of all I am working on.

What a stroke of luck to get the Market Me Suite almost as soon as it became a free app. I admit I wasn’t sure at first what this platform could offer? Could this be all I needed?
Too good to be true?   You decide!

Not just for twitter updates: MarketMeSuite easily handles LinkedIn and Facebook too. With the ability to add team members to each and every account you have more flexibility in how you schedule all your updates.

From the marketing dashboard, through the multiple profiles, unlimited team members and brand management to the scheduled Twitter and Facebook; these are only a few of the spectacular array of tools.  The TROOL-Y cool Smart follow and unfollow algorithm.. *pause to catch my breath* , the language targeted tweeting and the LinkedIn integration  amazingly I’m not done.. there is also Reply campaigns, auto RSS tweets,email @mention info,there is integration for and for CRM -Zendesk  a button to create ‘twickets’, you can even post to all accounts, schedule from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android and a slew of other goodies.

With only one platform handling all these tasks I have more time to get it all done without having to jump through hoops and check on 3 or 4 or more disconected apps.

Best of all there is no BUCK required!  I get to keep my buck in my wallet for all the other expenses you incur in the day to day operation of your business

To answer my earlier question is this too good to be true: Not by half! The creators and the awesome peeps at MMS Like CEO @TammyKFennell and the lovely and always helpful @Nikki_Peters are amazing and have a wonderful inclusive outlook..

Tammy says “A lot has happened since the humble beginnings of an idea on a page. In a short time, we’ve transferred MarketMeSuite into the go to application for marketing small business on social media. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built, and we’re working harder than ever to make sure the future brings even more innovation.”

Market Me Suite [MMS] was established October of 2009, but launched in February of 2010 once the app was ready.

On the 26th September 2011 this premium app went free! and this post explains why:
MarketMeSuite allows businesses and teams to manage their social media, and create targeted leads.

“We believe the viral element lies in you, our happy users” said Tammy Fennell. This sentiment struck a chord and I am more than happy to offer my take on this superb product.

What are YOU waiting for??? Go get your dashboard NOW

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