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UPDATE May 14 New Way to Stay Connected 

Facebook has a new option for all to be able to connect with your friends and family.  Its through Messenger and they are called  Rooms. Read all about them

NOTE: you have the option to invite people one by one or invite friends and they can message you when they want to come in. You can also lock your room. 

Be aware when you leave or close the room there is no trace.. no recording, no notice that you had a meeting or video chat. 



There are plenty of ways to stay connected to your customers especially during these times.  If there’s one thing a pandemic shows you, it’s how vital your digital world has just become.

 Here are three ways you can immediately boost your presence online. 

  1. Using Social Media appropriately, savvy biz folks have added the option to chat via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms.
  1. Be smart. Use video chats. Zoom ( with passwords please) or Facebook Live, Google Hangouts or even Skype or FaceTime.  Make sure your customers stay connected and do it in the safest way possible. 
  2. Now more than ever, your online business visibility is crucial. Your priority MUST be to deliver what your audience is looking for. Optimize your business, yourself and your social media.  

People can’t find you until Google knows you’re there.

WHY?  being found first in search results is critical. When you are visible in the search results  you get found first…. 

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