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 Restoring Social’s Promise: thoughts--smcamp-2018-audience-social-media-camp-2018

Restoring Social’s Promise #SMCamp 2018

People Connect through Stories Back in the school yard – and in my day that was before computers – there were bullies and friends and jocks and geeks and all sorts of people interacting.  As

Facebook-changes don't panic on-phone-william-iven-photog

Facebook Changes to Newsfeed Don’t Panic!

Facebook Changes as of Jan 11 2018 Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that really shouldn't shock anyone. He's a parent now, a business owner and he has to be accountable to his shareholders. When


Add an Event to More than One Facebook Business Page

Question: How do I add an event to my business page in Facebook for an event created by another Facebook Business Page?  Should I just create another event? TweetSharePinShareEmailPocketWhatsAppRedd...

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