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Baby Poop Brown: Christmas Tree Woes and Social Media Savvy!

My Christmas Tree is Baby Poop Brown: in daylight! A couple of years ago my son bought me a beautiful white Christmas tree. I loved it. I got red and turquoise decorations to make it jazzy. It gives me

From R-E-O-I -Visibility is Key for Online Business Success

R.E.O.I. ♦ TROOL’s New Digital Marketing Equation

Introducing R E O I For a few years now, we’ve been talking about ROI and how it can be difficult for small business to really calculate the impact of social media directly. I believe we are looking


Miss Manners for Social Sharing

Miss Manners for Social Sharing When I see a great meme I want to share it! If it gives me a smile or an insight or useful information I want to pass it on, and I want to show my gratitude to the originator.

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