Social Media changing at the speed of light?

There are many changes in the social media landscape, just in the last few weeks. It seems everyday one of the big boys; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;adds or changes some part of their services. Google+ is currently the next big thing, in testing mode, offering another take on how we interact. All of this in an effort to offer a better experience for the user: We are truly a society of immediacy. All the info all the time, we are voracious in our quest for information and ultimately connection.

Is it all becoming a blur? Were you for instance, just getting comfortable with FBML and Facebook moved on to iFrames? Last Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg rolled out the Facebook video chat.. with an easier (?) way to connect quickly.

Or was it becoming easier to limit your self to 140 characters when Twitter added Photos.. With so many choices out there it can be paralyzing.

Take a deep breath, go with your gut… stick to a few that resonate with you. If you are really stumped or are totally unsure of which of the platforms are best for you, there are a variety of  forums and compilation sites that give a great overview to what’s available on each social media platform and which are more suited to say photos(Facebook); asymmetric interaction (Twitter and Google+); and business and job search (LInkedin).

Check out ALLTOP and MASHABLE for some up to date articles on all of the Social Media Platforms and their uses.

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