Social Media Marketing in 2015 | Social Media Today

Social Media Marketing in 2015 | Social Media Today

Today, the social media landscape is nothing if not unsettled. Google is drastically changing its business model, and a linchpin of its strategy is Google+, a platform Google aspires to take beyond what we currently think of as a social media
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WorldMark Resale Broker Launches Social Media Based Vacation Giveaway

The company has reported seeing a lot of participation recently on their social media outlets. They have recently celebrated their 500th follower on twitter, and the social buzz surrounding their marketing effort has begun to grow.
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84% of Facebook, Google+ Users Don't Feel Personal Info Is Safe …

In spite of social media sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter becoming wildly popular around the world, a huge bloc of those sites' users worry about that their personal information on those sites will be stolen or misused. In fact, according
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