Social Media Marketing: Its Complicated

Social Media Marketing: It`s Complicated

If you can remember the days before Facebook and Twitter, you probably recall a time when social media marketing meant using MySpace, Delicious, commenting on the posts of bloggers dedicated to your niche, making yourself known in
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How to approach social media for marketing versus support

Last month at Lithium's Network Conference, Lyle Fong, Lithium's co-founder, reiterated how we have to start to look differently at how businesses use social media for marketing and support. In order to be successful, the four "gears" of acquisition,
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How @Redbull's social marketing on @Klout failed in the real world

Since I joined Twitter in 2007 social media marketing has come a long way with most brands and companies now on Facebook & Twitter. With Klout launching in September 2009 it has also come a long way with big events like their major algorithm change in
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