Society of Immediacy

Society of Immediacy is what we have become.

Farewell to 2013 Hello & Welcome 2014 by Elaine Lindsay

TROOL Social Media team wants to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone we have interacted with in 2013.

From my perspective, with the huge shifts in SEO and social over 2013, it is a real pleasure to see Google+ getting a solid foothold on all fronts. More and more businesses are realizing the huge benefits of the social layer of Google: The #1 search engine. Now with semantic search, the social proof we all work diligently to build is seeing real results in the SERPS. This is great news for small to medium business who put out great content and serve their target audience well without the aid of much SEO.

As 2014 is just  hours away I wanted to offer my opinion on what I see  coming in this next year. In one word I will sum it up. Immediacy.  

We are a society of immediacy.

It is apparent in their steady growth,that many of the social video and image platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine are making leaps and bounds, as we have become a society of immediacy.  Shorter, faster, brighter, all of these incorporated into videos and images that assault the senses, trying to reach all of them. (Smell-o-video can only be on the way!)

Macaroon with chocolate cupfabulous dessert with Pistachio Panacotta

From mouthwatering images of food galore on Pinterest,

Liam Christmas ElfFamily dinner |emotional|society

and great emotional moments on Instagram and Vine.

We are now living our lives in little vignettes. Faster and faster we rush to share our every thought, every move, every foible and every triumph.

What does this mean for businesses in 2014?

For the small to medium business this could be a real boon. Quick and easy videos, more and more images and  short value packed articles will be what is most readily consumed.  Intro for your site? Vine gives you mere seconds.. try it!

A bit more time is what you want? Instagram it!

For those of you who are not quite ready to jump on the bandwagon remember YouTube (the #2 search engine).

Join me as we usher in a new year full of hope and promise in little chunks! LOL

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