June 19

Some Basic Social Media Truths: A Look Back

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Let's remember the basic tenets of being social. It's interaction NOT broadcasting.

AND let's be sure to make real engagement the MOST IMPORTANT activity.. 

Social media is a two-way street and you will be a better relationship builder... If you work on sharing OP ( Other People's) stuff  FIRST - LAST and MOST!

This podcast is from 2017 a lot of the information is still viable.. the only piece that is no longer viable is G+  VIDEO however is ABSOLUTELY Number One! 


As of August 1 2019, 'Hangouts on Air' ( Quick Hangouts in YouTube live stream) are no more. There are a couple of options on YouTube,  to do a Live event.  Unfortunately for some, and newer accounts you must have met some minimal requirements to see these options.
Think Hangouts are gone??? Think again.. check out our info on YouTube Live stream! and how you too can harness the power!

Make sure you check out the video series on Live Streaming with YouTube.

Check out the Podcast with Tina Dietz over on her site now  called Twin Flames Studios From back in June of 2017 How to Stop Overthinking Social Media.


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