Editorial Calendar for your Digital Business 

We are grateful for your connection. Our relationship with you is one we deeply treasure. There is always more to do and to learn in the digital space and we hope this calendar helps you lighten the load and have a record of your content and your social media output. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

As a small token of our appreciation, we offer this editorial calendar, in 2 formats.

Open Source (right-click to download)

Microsoft Excel*[we cannot guarantee all formulas etc work as Microsoft changes things to which we are not privy] (right-click to download)

We hope the calendar will help keep your digital schedule humming.

Here’s to your success. Engagement helps us all!

social-media-sizing cheat sheet 2018 Save

As a bonus for finding this post page, you can download this current (2018) social media sizing chart. (right-click to download) Image thanks to Make A Website Hub

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