October 8

This was taken by an incredible young photographer Jackie King

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Casha cat is 19 years old and shows no signs of slowing down We rescued her many years ago and it has been a wild ride!

Casha almost 19 years old..

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  • +Elizabeth Holloway so true!! Cahsa head butts a lot too..but she is always yelling or talking to the neighbours and their dogs.. anyone who walks by with a dog she will go check them out.. slowing down a bit.. but not much.. hubby and Casha have a weird love/hate relationship.. she only eats soft food now as the dry seemed to hurt her.. so she gets fed a couple times a day.. and don't be late!
    She will eat the dogs food too..
    When upset.. she has cornered grown adults and her growl is so fierce she frightens lots of people -she too was a rescue and has nightmares still.. she sleeps and then starts kicking out.. more than once she has got a few claws stuck in my leg.. not the best way to wake in the night


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