This was taken by an incredible young photographer Jackie King |Search & Social Media Integrated Marketing

This was taken by an incredible young photographer Jackie King

Casha cat is 19 years old and shows no signs of slowing down We rescued her many years ago and it has been a wild ride!

Casha almost 19 years old..

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  • Nice shot…. Poor kitty… she's tail less

  • +Idrialis Castillo – she's an American Bobtail …. she's supposed to have no tail :) I have one too …. I got her from the pound and felt SO bad about it until the Vet told me what I just told you

  • +Elizabeth Holloway wow you are one of the few who know what she is.Does yours talk- like ALOT?. +Idrialis Castillo I think she looks pretty good for an 18+ yr old..

  • +Elaine Lindsay She looks better than me!!! … Didn't know those cats were main tail less…. I want to see my Lola get this old!

  • +Elaine Lindsay – my girl looks very much like your girl – except she's younger … and she's not so verbal as she takes what she wants – she gets in my face and pushes on my nose until I pay attention to her – I will post a picture of her on my profile

  • +Elizabeth Holloway so true!! Cahsa head butts a lot too..but she is always yelling or talking to the neighbours and their dogs.. anyone who walks by with a dog she will go check them out.. slowing down a bit.. but not much.. hubby and Casha have a weird love/hate relationship.. she only eats soft food now as the dry seemed to hurt her.. so she gets fed a couple times a day.. and don't be late!
    She will eat the dogs food too..
    When upset.. she has cornered grown adults and her growl is so fierce she frightens lots of people -she too was a rescue and has nightmares still.. she sleeps and then starts kicking out.. more than once she has got a few claws stuck in my leg.. not the best way to wake in the night

  • She looks like my Key! She's in kitty heaven now, she spent a good 19 years Earth looking after me and that can get exhausting

  • The old lady looks still young :)

  • Thanks +Maga Fabler she still acts like a 2 yr old.. and is totally agile.. only things we are noticing she kinda deaf can't see as well as when she was young.. other than that.. she's fine

  • +Elaine Lindsay Fortunately, cats are long-lived. Kiss her from me :)

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