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Restoring Social’s Promise #SMCamp 2018

People Connect through Stories

Back in the school yard – and in my day that was before computers – there were bullies and friends and jocks and geeks and all sorts of people interacting.  As Will Smith said in a TV interview, he was stupid at 14 but it wasn’t recorded for posterity and shown to the world on Facebook. Times have changed, and as Social Media professionals we have a duty to teach people how to be safe and how to benefit in this new venue of connection.

Social Media Camp 2018 – Restoring Social’s Promise in Victoria, BC, was a place of stories – stories of how Social Media affects lives, business, and how people connect. The opening speaker, Mayor Lisa Helps, revealed the fear of many people who don’t understand options like privacy settings and how to protect themselves in the jungle of the internet. So many people are on Social Media to connect to family and friends, to hear the latest gossip and news, and to search for the services that they used to look up in the phone book, and will blithely post personal information that they wouldn’t dream of telling a stranger in person. Somehow, in the once-removed interaction with their computers and devices, they think the strangers can’t seem them – and that is wrong.

Whether it’s telling a business owner not to post pictures of the party where they had one too many, or teaching kids how to deal with the bullies that can reach into their homes through the internet, or warning the public about the latest scam to steal their money, Social Media professionals have the insight and capabilities that people need to safely and profitably interact with the power of the world wide web. The web, and the Social Media platforms where most people hang out, are constantly evolving and full of opportunities and pitfalls – some days I feel like a guide in the jungle, showing people the beauty and the dangers in the creatures and the flowers surrounding them. On the internet, people will wander down dark alleys and talk to strangers in a way that would have quick, Darwinian results IRL (In real life.)

At the same time, the power of the internet allows connection with like-minded people, gives the power of the click to support causes and share news, and opens the world marketplace to their buying dollar. Inspiration, entertainment, friendship and even romance abound for those who learn to adventure and discover wisely. Comments have opened a vista of influence for consumers that drives vendors to provide better service and satisfaction. Individuals have more effect with a single comment than ever before. Now, on Amazon, a consumer can actually ask previous purchasers questions about a product – a virtual water cooler experience that empowers shoppers,

I believe in intention, and we bring our intention to every experience in life. If you’re willing to be safe and empowered then you will be willing to learn how to travel the jungle without snake bites or poison ivy. If you’re online to make loving connection, then you will discover that wondrous and inspiring people abound. Choosing your experience is a responsibility, as real as choosing to avoid dark alleys in bad parts of town.

Here are a few gems that stood out for me during the speaks this year.

[one_half_first]Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
Brand Strategist & Business Performance Catalyst
LeapZone Strategies

Isabelle identified two important elements for building Trust online: in addition to the familiar Know, Like and Trust Isabelle adds Reliability and Delight, with Delight being the winner.


[one_half_first]Christoph Trappe  
Director Content Marketing
Stamats Business Media

Put aside your fear of failure. Be real. Share your stories that are real. Publish consistently to build connection.[/one_half_first]

[one_half_last]christoph-trappe-smcamp 2018[/one_half_last]


Mike Vardy
Founder & President

Mike brought it down to the basics —”Do less, better.”[/one_half_first]


[one_half_first]Angela Crocker
Author | Speaker | Instructor
Angela Crocker & Associates

With a succinct message that really hits home:Declutter digital: Remember that your inbox is not your todo list!  You are in charge of your digital life so be sure to declutter your data mirror! Make sure you are happy with what are you reflecting into the world.[/one_half_first]


[one_half_first]Jordan Bower  
Transformational Storytelling

Big S storytelling: Inspiring your audience by leading them to the promised land through cohesion and consistency when you start with why…[/one_half_first]


[one_half_first]Fi Birch
Founder, Chief Digital Strategist
Pro Athlete Online

Tell the brand story you can’t tell –  tell the truth about the truth because it’s the best story you have. A story to allow people to relate, and a standard to which you hold your competitors.[/one_half_first]

[one_half_last]Fonai-birch-speaker-smcamp 2018[/one_half_last]

[one_half_first]Jordan Hanson
Drum Victoria

Often on day 2 people are starting to tire – until Jordan started the day with a drumming session that charged us up.[/one_half_first]

[one_half_last]drum-victoria-smcamp 2018[/one_half_last]

[one_half_first]Beverley Theresa
Social Media Strategist & Consultant
Hello Beverley

Beverley lifted the rug and discussed the dark side of Social interactions from lurking to black-hat SEO.  We have to understand all the possibilities to know how to guide our clients and make our own choices about how we interact.[/one_half_first]


sketch notes smcamp 2018
All of the amazing sketch notes were provided live by Tara Shanks of Pondering Turtles!!!

I make choices about the internet every day. So do you.

Do you remember the jungle of the school yard? There were good days and bad days, friends and fears in that yard. The internet is a much larger jungle. Every day we make choices about how we interact with the world, with people, and whether we bring love or fear into our interactions. I believe it is my job to guide people so that their online presence carries the power of attraction through consistency and wisdom.  What effect do you want to have?

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