Told Ya! “Yes, We Still Love Google+” Says Larry Page

Google, Google Past

Perhaps NOW all the naysayers like Mashable and TechCrunch will stop with the Google+ is dead… etc

We get it… Google+ ain’t Facebook.. What don’t you get???


We don’t care! We love it precisely because it isn’t Facebook.  Google+ is a place to meet new people, learn about other places, other cultures, and all the fabulous talent there is in the world. and its part of the TOP TWO search engines in the world…

That for me makes it a MUST Have…








This came from MarketingLand on Aug 11th by Danny Sullivan

“Yes, We Still Love Google+” Says Outgoing Google CEO Larry Page

Asked about the service, Page expressed support that it will continue even as Google becomes part of Alphabet.

CEO Larry Page may be soon leaving the Google building, but even as he dreams of running Alphabet, Page still found time to express some love for the oft-maligned Google+.

In comments on Page’s Google+ post about the forthcoming Alphabet, he was asked if he and cofounder Sergey Brin still loved Google+. “Yes, we still love G+!,” Page replied:


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