Top Tips for Every Day from Top Digital Experts

Top Tips for Every Day from Top Digital Experts

What are your top tips for managing you day online?

I have my top 3 and I’m sure you have yours. I am always happy to learn better, quicker or more efficient means of managing my work day. I thought it would be interesting to ask some of the best (In my opinion) social mavens and mavericks out there… So here is a list with my deep thank yous to all the great folks who contributed their tips. I’m gonna start the ball rolling…

Elaine Lindsay

Elaine Lindsay

  • Don’t broadcast! Broadcasting is one way only. what amounts to shouting Me, Me Me: That is not social not at all! Social Media is a 2-way street. That means you need to post and comment and reshare other peoples posts.
  • Be consistent in all your basic information. You need to be 100% congruent in your name your address ( even if you only use your city) and your phone number and email address. ( pick one of each and use only those if possible)
  • Create scripts –  Automate office activities that you repeat daily! I make a point of creating scripts  and templates for email I often send such a s the basis for a Thank you note, a Follow-up of a networking event, A breakdown of my services. I have scripts for social sites like LinkedIn, for Thank you for connecting, No use of third party apps (I get a lot of requests for these that want to get at your contacts)
David Amerland

David Amerland

There are two apps I use without which I would be lost:

  • Evernote (for saving pages I come across and categorising(sic) them into notebooks)
  • On top of presentations and speaking I write about 16,000 words each week. Without Evernote none of my books would have been written.
  • Google Keep for saving posts I want to process fast and then forget. Without Google Keep there would have been no Sunday Read :)
 Terry Brock

 Terry Brock 3 Hot Social Media Tips – (note reverse order)

  • 3 – Dictation Versus Typing. I am now using dictation on my MacBook Pro and it has increased the speed with which I can respond to social media messages. I find that I can talk faster than I can type. This increased speed gives me the ability to respond faster and in social media––– money loves speed!
  • 2 – Bufferapp & Hootlet. These two apps are competitors, but I use them both and love them both. They give me the ability to schedule my curation as well as great new ideas I want to send. I also like Hootlet for being able to track and keep up with important key words and people that I know.
  • 1 – Klout. Klout Is without a doubt the number one tool and most effective way to gauge how you’re using social media for a low-budget. Regular visits to your “Klout Moments” (on your profile at Can help you find out what really is working and what is not.
 Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Publisher at Owner Magazine   CEO & President at Human Business Works

  • Respond to email as fast as possible.
  • Be brief, because brevity helps people understand more.
  • Connect with people in a way that shows you value their connection with you.
 Jane Ellen

Jane Ellen

  • Time tracking +Hubstaff Time Tracking Software
  • For own brand a suit of armor.  Don’t get on the internet and expect it will always be peachy.
  • A great webcam/mic like the Logitech C920.  It is better to look good than to feel good!
 Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter

  • Tip #1  Schedule everything.
  • Your calendar can keep you on task and on time for everything that you need to get done.
  • Tip #2 Say NO More Often.
  • When people come and ask your for things that do not align with the greater vision you have in your business, learn to nicely say no.
  • Tip #3 Delegate.
  • Learn what can and should only be done by you and delegate tasks that can be done at a lower rate of pay to someone else. This assumes of course that you know how to sell and can put that time to use generating more income for your business.
 David Foster

David Foster

For audio/video production (Hangouts etc)
  • 1. Logitech C-920 webcam This webcam is both Mac/Windows compatible, and saves me time because I can use it for all my video needs when live. Skype/Hangouts etc.
  • 2. Rode Podcaster Mic I use this mic now as I can record audio podcasts, while also doing a live Hangout AND video. USB mics, I feel, will become the norm for anyone wanting to do podcasting/live vlogging.
  • 3. Hangouts on Air I feel HOA’s are changing the way we communicate AND podcast. It is so easy now to do a live show, while simultaneously recording an audio or video that you can produce into a great quality podcast for iTunes etc.
 Chris Lang

Chris Lang

Dividing your social from your business email is my key to productivity. I run my business from my business email and I live in my domain based email address. NO SOCIAL alerts come to my business email and I only have one address and have only had one since 2004.

I use Gmail for my social alerts. But I never open Gmail or any social application until my work is done for the day. Identify what makes you money. For me it is my writing, Once you identify what makes you money and what you do to make that money, then you have to identify what time of day that your best work in that medium occurs. I learned this simple way of working from Eban Pagan in 2004. “To Do” lists became fewer and the “I Did” lists became my daily achievements. By end of day, I am  a better, happier more successful author and entrepreneur. (sic)
Eli Davidson

Eli Davidson

My top time savers are:

  • Siri. iPhone 5 You can dictate anywhere-even at the hair salon. It is a great way to create content on the go. She is very accurate and a bit sassy.
  • Wistia.(sic)It is gives us the data to save time  on our videos so that we can keep offering higher quality.
 martin Shervington

Martin Shervington

Speaker, Consultant, Author, Professional Coach, Marketing Psychologist

  • Use Google Drive for massively increasing efficiency.
  • Google Drive acts as cloud
  • Google Drive allows you to create documents,spreadsheets, forms, and presentations, within that online environment
  • Google Drive enables collaboration so people can work together on particular projects.
 Randy Hilarski

Randy Hilarski  High Impact Media Group Panama

  • For ads- Creative+Landing Page+Targeting=Success
  • Don`t try to please everyone, niche down.
  • Be careful who you collaborate with, guard your reputation.
 Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill

  • Hangouts: when I can’t get to a physical location to meet
  • Buffer
  • Helpouts:  when you can’t travel to crowd source a customer base….the customers come to you.(even though my Helpouts are free).
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