Some of the trends I see for 2016

Trends I See For 2016

For 2016, one of the trends I see is Video – Video – Video!! wordcloud-trool-social-media-video-trend-2016
Yup! I said it again LOL Since 2012 every year everyone is saying video is THE HOT new trend…And it has been. NOW… Video is not just a trend it’s a necessity!

I believe that we are so thirsty for great content, and so open to using as many senses as possible to enjoy a full experience, that now more than ever Video is for every business! Solo-preneur YES. Entrepreneur YES. Small Biz with a few on board HELLS YES!!

Video gives you the opportunity to interact with your target market. It gives your target market an emotional connection. It offers that immediacy that can tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, get you riled up all in a matter of seconds.

Leading digital-asset company, WebDAM, states “visual IQ” is rising faster than any other form of IQ as human behavior adjusts to process and make sense of emerging forms of communication.

Why does it work so well? Its all about storytelling.
Have you shared your business story with your target market? If not… 2016 is your year!

The second trend I see is the savvy consumer driving the new marketing. What I’m calling “un-marketing!”

We are not sheep. The old marketing tactics, the hard sell, the scarcity mindset,  the cold call, and the like have become offensive to the average consumer.  We are all consumers. What do we want as smart consumers in 2016 ?

We want you to be real. We want you to treat us with respect. We want to be treated fairly.

Each and every one of us has needs and wants. From groceries and services, education and entertainment to furniture and fashion. We will continue to meet our needs and cater to our wants. We aren’t going to stop needing or wanting and that means business will continue.

Whether you are a bricks and mortar store or a virtual information service or any business in between: You will need to rethink your approach to your target market.wordcloud-trool-social-media-un-marketing-trend-2016

As a consumer, I want you to be fair, honest, real. You want to sell me something. OK. Be honest and tell me “this is what I want to sell you”. in this un-marketing new trend it makes sense to go a step further than that…

Tell me why you think your product or service would be useful to me. Give me a good reason, help me to trust you. The know like and trust factor is always going to be paramount. Offer more than that. Explain my pain point or the pleasure point of why your product is exactly what I need at this time.

They say that that the buying cycle has gone from 7 to 9 touches to more like 27 touches. that takes time. The buying cycle once you touch base with someone can be as long as 18 to 24 months.

It’s a long cycle.

Build a good relationship with your consumer, because the best customer is still the customer you have right now.  Treating all your customers like your best customers will also help you as you will have raving brand advocates who will help you by word of mouth and when asked can be a source of great referrals as well.

Ready. Set. Let’s get Un-marketing!

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