Lead the pack in search results with the right mindset

ONLY when you are the leader can you TROOL-Y convey your authority, in your niche.

To be visible online you have to be fully committed, congruent in who you are and what you do.


ONLY THEN… will the search engines take notice and afford you the positioning your deserve…



Have you FINALLY realized you’re MISSING OUT?

The most important thing to understand is that TROOL Social’s team identifies you online the same way Google does.

Unlike most, we don’t consider the internet to be made up of a series of separate little properties, like your website, your social media, your videos, SEO, etc.

Exactly like Google, Bing, etc., we think more holistically about the online world. We get the BIG picture. INTEGRATION is Key.

SS optimization to the rescue

YOU’LL BE LEFT BEHIND… How tragic if all the hard work you put into each of your separate digital accounts is doomed to fail, because they all need to work together, effectively.

Discover what no one tells you – the HIDDEN REASONYou’re missing the boat!!

Ready to be rescued? Send us an S.O.S.?

Get your Free Mini Audit Checklist. Don’t be left rudderless. Benchmark and know where you stand online. 

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Integrate & Optimize Online Method™

Did You Know 

The ongoing changes to your social media channels, and the search engine algorithms over the past few years has made many websites, blogs, and social media profiles ineffective, incomplete or incorrect in many areas?

Did You Know

It’s crucial to know where you stand online? You can’t know when you are successful, if you don’t have a benchmark…

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been/ where you started.

Creating Effective Results for our customers through our unique method.

Here is what our customers say…

Elaine Lindsay matches her vast knowledge of social media with a great sense of humour, which comes in handy when she’s dealing with students and clients who may not have her level of expertise. Elaine is a true pro when it comes to her end of the business: how to increase our searchability and how to navigate social platforms to make them work for us. She also gets that she works with human beings and has a generous and kind manner, as she helps us learn to thrive on search and social.

Kathie Donovan

Motivational SpeakerPersonal Coach


Elaine Lindsay is passionate about social business strategy, training and integration with SEO.

Elaine is a deeply knowledgeable resource, who can help you achieve the perfect social media fit for your business.

Fun Fact; We are both Scottish and Canadian

Mari Smith


The key to success in the Social Age is not being an expert ourselves, but knowing how to find the right one when we need one, in any endeavor.

We call it OPEN, short for Ordinary People, Extraordinary Network.

My network is indeed extraordinary because of pros like Elaine Lindsay!

Ted Coiné

Marketing wizard


Elaine is an absolute treat to work with! She is the consummate professional and always goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients. She brings creativity and passion to every project and works to advance my business as if it were her own. Couldn’t ask for more or better. I highly recommend TROOL Social Media!

Cindy watson


@ the Corner of Search and Social

catchin’ the waves

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Mini Audit Checklist eBook ( PDF)

Get your Free Mini Audit Checklist. Don’t be left rudderless. Benchmark and know where you stand online. 

Elaine’s grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), network connections and Google engagement position her as a leading expert of digital search and capture strategy. A SEO ninja and early adopter, Elaine is a team member you want in your corner as you navigate the challenges of internet marketing!

Audri lanford PHd

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