Why ‘T.R.O.O.L.’ (an acronym)& What does it mean?

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland where people often name their home. My husband is of Scottish descent and also believes in tradition.
"Name of the house"
My parents and I came here when I was young and their home is called ‘Cairnavon’; the name of the ship that brought us to Canada.

My husband And I chose ‘T.R.O.O.L.’ (an Acronym) as the name of our home – my hubby hates to move – He thought by christening the house ‘TROOL’ – ‘The Rest Of Our Lives’ – we would never move again! "TROOL|Social Network Relationship Marketing| Speaker|Social Media"

We adopted ‘T.R.O.O.L’ as our company name in 2005, after having it as the name of our home for almost 20 years, the  acronym for ‘The Rest Of Our Lives’ was a fitting and regal name for our joint efforts.

**SideNote: In 2004 we moved – again! Hubby was miffed! The home is still ‘TROOL’ because ‘Home is where the heart is’ and our hearts are definitely here!

We were unaware there was a loch with our acronym as its name
Wooded promontory by Loch Trool

Until it was decided, with a huge nudge from@NancyMyrland {props to Nancy} to put up the explanation of our name, we were unaware that there was a Loch and a Glen called Trool ( note not all caps) the following information is from Wikipedia with thanks

Loch Trool is a body of water in Galloway, south-west Scotland lying in the valley of Glen Trool. It is the source of the Water of Trool which flows to the Water of Minnoch and the Cree.

It was the location, in 1307, of the Battle of Glen Trool.

Photo © Copyright David Hawgood and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

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