Twitter Sporting New Togs er Tags??

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Twitter is sporting a whole new set of Togs er should I say tags.. or buttons..

it’s actually all of the above and more.. WOW!
We may have to wait some for all the new bits of Twitter to roll out to everyone.

There are many new and really useful bits like the shortcuts, which I have included below;

Keyboard Shortcuts
f : favorite? : this menug h : home
r : replyj : next Tweetg r : @troolsocial
t : retweetk : previous Tweetg a : activity
m : direct messagespace : page downg p : profile
n : new Tweet/ : searchg f : favorites
enter : toggle details pane. : refresh Tweets and back to topg m : messages
g u : go to user

We can immediately get the new twitter buttons for your site or blog..twitter buttons|TROOL Social Media

The original tweet button:

You can now add a few different buttons:

mention button: Tweet to @troolsocial


Hashtag ( you add the tag of your choice):

Great to have more ways to engage on your site or blog.. Which buttons will YOU use? One of them, some of them  or all of them?


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