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A Google My Business Listing gets You valuable real estate in the SERPs

Use Google My Business to Rocket to Page 1 in the Search Results.”

Where is the best place to hide your business?Page 2 of Google Search Results…

One of the top influencers of your presence in search results: Google My Business

When is the best time for your business to be found in search? It’s when that new client is looking for your product or service. 

In this workshop you’ll learn the fastest and most effective ways to maximize your Google My Business Listing to impact your search results.

Keep your Business Top of Mind, Engaging and Fresh.

Manage what customers see and learn about your business: quickly, with tools you can access on the fly

Give people a reason to look you up more often


GMB is a BONUS Own the right side of the page in the search results


Bricks & mortar or service area? Get found on Google Search and Maps 


Keep it fresh and current in Search so that

Your Business Stands Out

Customize – Share – Connect – Optimize

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    Set up your Google My Business Listing – it’s like having a free second website with priority indexing from Google

  • checkOwn the entire right side of the search results window
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    FInd out what actually gets you to page one with a Google My Business Listing

Yes, Now You too can learn to Own- “The Right Side of Google Search”


See what our customers have to say:

“Angela says..”

“I have you so firmly in my head when it comes to search and social media I don’t do anything without hearing your instructions.”


Angela Sutcliffe (Smart Old Broad)

Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting

Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting GMB listing  service area via TROOL Social media

“Just Google me…”

“Elaine taught me to integrate my website, blog and Social Media. To be frank, I was not actually clear on why I was doing it – I’m used to Elaine knowing her stuff. I may not have known the why, but I sure saw the results. My name and my tag lines all have a cast iron presence on search. I am easy so easy to find I don’t bother with business cards. Just google me.

Patricia Wall Author via TROOL Social Media

Trish Wall


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Not sure you really Need a Google My Business Listing? 

Do you dread making a mistake and wasting your time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish? Know that a Google My Business Listing is a small business gem that Google, the #1 search engine in the world has created to help small business in the online 

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“Google search wants to return the most relevant, quality info to the user; for each and every search query, When you use a Google My Business Listing you’re telling Google YOU are the best choice! And you get the right side of the search results pages to show off your business”


P.S.: Making the Google My Business Listing work for you  can be the defining factor in your visibility in Search. Be sure to jump on this opportunity right now so you can be sure you are capturing new customers at their moment of search.

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