2017 State of Social -Verbal Meander plus Top Social Networks Demographics [Infographic]

A Verbal Meander and a Top Social Networks Demographics Infographic

In the original post we planned to share this well done infographic by Marketing Profs.  BUT hang on a minute… where is Snapchat????  It seems everywhere I turn lately, I hear about Snap Inc, that’s Snapchat’s parent company. With it being such a hot topic, how is it not in the mix?  Did you know their IPO was listed yesterday? [I know that if you are over 30, as you are  reading this you sighed and shook your head]

Don’t stop yet!! Keep reading… its a bit of a meander, though I promise you will get a great infographic and perhaps a new appreciation for this camera app ( more on that later)Snapchat-elaine-lindsay-using-edits-fun-via-TROOL-social-mediaSnapchat-Elaine-Lindsay-newb via-TROOL-social-media

First let me say that I was never very enamored of Snapchat. I just didn’t really see the uses or the appeal. Funny thing is I have always made a point to ‘Live in the Moment’  and that is part of the Snap Inc vision and mission.

When at IZEAFest in February, I got to hear Carlos Gil talk about what a great platform it is and how it can be used. Carlos made a real case for business to give the platform a real trial as there are so many new and fresh things you can do with the geofilters, and influencers in your business strategy. It is millennial-centric network that speaks to their use of emojis, their love of the visual and their curiosity about what really goes on with your business: Snapchat is about real, NOT perfect yet there must be a story and it needs to pop.

Truth be told, I came back from Florida talking about how many retail establishments had the Snapchat icon displayed prominently with their other social icons. (Maybe its a sunshine thing, Snap Inc logo and all being such a sunny yellow…) yep my mind wanders… back to the point…

In this article from  March 03, 2017 Andrew Hutchinson wrote:

Image re Snap Inc from Blog of Andrew Hutchinson

In case you missed it, Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, listed on the stock exchange yesterday. Shares in the Snap rose 45% on opening, taking the stock price over $24 per share, well above the original target range, while the IPO was also twelve times oversubscribed, meaning that there were twelve times more orders for than there were shares offered.

For all the talk about growth concerns amid rising competition from Facebook, the market is clearly still enamored with the possibilities of Snap Inc., but there are many questions surrounding the company and how it plans to evolve.

Will Snap Inc. sink or swim?

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Top Social Networks DemographicsAnd that’s why we couldn’t simply put up the infographic below without some discussion on Snap Inc, Snapchat and how its affecting the digital landscape and perhaps the future of eCommerce as it relates to millennials. More to the point the future of your offerings to millennials, which I now believe ought to include Snapchat.

I don’t believe it will give Facebook a run for it’s money as it isn’t remotely like the multifaceted giant social network. As Snap Inc says they are a camera company.

Marketing Profs Infographic consolidates user demographics across seven of the largest social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit. ( With no Snapchat hence the you have the piece above ~EL)


YOUR THOUGHTS??? drop us a line or comment below on your take on Snapchat? Let us know if you already use it, if you plan to try it, or if you feel you are not in the millennial arena.



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