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I have to admit it: I have been on LinkedIn for a decade, but I didn’t actually pay attention until 2011. I was originally invited by a good friend, a college professor with two PhDs. I joined, but I didn’t pay attention because I don’t have that paper: a degree. Yes, I’m certified in my field, and a thought leader in Search and Social, but. There’s that ‘but,’ do you have one of those? My ‘but’ was to feel inferior because I didn’t have a degree, regardless of my accomplishments. It really is our internal self-image that drives our expression so I’m happy that I’ve evolved.

A friend with a degree told me that her school-earned knowledge is long obsolete in this fast-paced world. I certainly wfunny-sheep-sunglasses-ork to stay ahead of the latest changes, because the changes in internet Search and Social are constant. Authorship is so 2013, and the time when LinkedIn was for publishing resumés is long past.

I had to get over the idea that ‘me of no degree’ didn’t belong on this platform. Once I did, I quickly realized that the search algorithms on LinkedIn are different than other search engines. I updated my client’s profiles (and my own, sheepishly) to master this search algorithm. With simple, targeted updates a stream of connections, speaking engagements, clients and significant invitations rolled in.

I know lots of savvy business folks with a profile on LinkedIn who aren’t getting the traffic or the action that benefits their business.

Are you out of the loop on LinkedIn?

Despite my sheepish start, it’s time to share a wealth of insight and how-to’s that will help you reap the benefits of the only Professional Social Media platform for business. Get in the loop!

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