TROOL Social Media’s speaker Elaine Lindsay is available for keynotes, meetings and events, exclusive digital integration strategy and training for SEO, social media, and video both online and on site.

“Shawn Murphy, MBA”


I have tremendous respect for people who know their work inside and out. It’s a joy to watch them do their work: it appears effortless and joyful. This is the case with Elaine. She helped us wade into the pool that is Google+ and learn how to use it to our advantage. She gave us the tools, support and encouragement to turn Google+ into an important channel in our online presence at You rock, Elaine!

Shawn Murphy, MBA(KAI Partners, Managing Director of Organizational Development| Switch & Shift)

I say ‘just google me.’ I don’t think about whether they’ll find my business card later or find my website. The connection has been made because Elaine Lindsay makes sure I am the Patricia Wall at the top of search.  thanks Elaine. 

Patricia Wall

Author • Holistic Missile • Retired

If you use the web and social media to promote your business or share content, learn to boost your brand by avoiding common SEO mistakes from a wonderful person Elaine Lindsay

Lisa Anna Palmer Author  ‘Light a Fire in Their Hearts’

Just attended a great seminar @Invest_Ottawa for Introduction to SEO with @troolsocial ! Thanks Elaine for the great insights!! #TSMedia

Tara ShapranskyProgram Officer at Employment and Social Development Canada

High standards and a great teacher

Every time I have a session with Elaine Lindsay, I learn so much. Wow. Social media is one aspect of the wild west that I love learning about. It takes understanding the strategy that works best for you and your goals, an excellent teacher, and practice, practice, practice. Don’t let your head spin with confusion and fear….partner up with someone who has high standards, like Elaine and give yourself a break.

profile-picKathie DonovanSpeaker Author Workshop Facilitator Broadcaster

Video Google and more

Elaine Lindsay showed me everything I needed to know to create my own show via Hangouts on Air. (Now YouTube Live Streaming)She’s an amazing asset!

I went from zero to expert in no time thanks to Elaine’s Hangout guidance!

The key to success in the Social Age is not being an expert ourselves, but knowing how to find the right one when we need one, in any endeavor. We call it OPEN, short for Ordinary People, Extraordinary Network. My network is indeed extraordinary because of pros like Elaine Lindsay!

profile-picTed CoinéAuthor, CEO, Educator

Clarity in the Fog of Social

Elaine Lindsay is the one who gives you clarity in the fog of social media.

profile-picFran Green Jewelry Designer

OMG you make it sooooo EASY

OK, I have to tell you that I just got off the most amazing call with Elaine Lindsay, TROOLSocial. Just when I think I’ve got it, she introduces a whole new layer of “search-and-social” to me to take it even higher. And just when I’m thinking that I can never learn anymore, she asks me to do something on my computer (like upload a new lower third that I’ll need for her show – Business Banter Plus – tomorrow since I am the “expert on call”) and I do it without thinking about it … because she taught me this lesson so well a number of months ago (when I thought I could never learn anything more – capacity) that it’s like breathing.

Gotta tell you, since I started working with Elaine with all the online stuff that scared the pants off me, I can’t believe I’m flying through it, no sweat!

Laughed this morning – I’ve had my web-cam for about two years and had no idea that I could adjust it from my computer controls instead of always reaching for it – just another one of those “be professional online” lessons from Elaine. Damn, it’s the “don’t sweat the backstage stuff” that has made all the difference. Just colour me “cool as a cucumber”…

Thanks for this morning, Elaine. I keep wondering if I will live long enough to get to the depths of your knowledge!

profile-picAngela SutcliffeBusiness Coach

Mari Smith Says

Elaine Lindsay is passionate about social business strategy, training,and integration with SEO. Elaine specializes in Google My Business, and all the Google products. Fun fact: She attended the first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life).

profile-picMari SmithSocial Media Thought Leader, Facebook Piped Piper, Forbes Top 10 Influencers

Love how Elaine makes you feel like you can move mountains on social media and Increases our revenue with SEO

Elaine Lindsay is a quality professional, a rare gem in our experience with our website and social media platforms. Her unique approach to training is relaxed, calm, and energized when it needs to be. Elaine’s patience and practical solutions to our business needs have been instrumental in growing our customer base. She opens up new avenues for revenue streams with her SEO abilities and adds to the overall user experience for our staff, customers, clients and patients. We all love working with Elaine as her teaching style is customized with the mature student, busy entrepreneur always top of mind.

I love how Elaine Lindsay keeps it simple in a few easy steps and makes you feel like you can move mountains on social media.

profile-picSusan StephenVP of Operations, Business Coach

Social Media Knowledge Bank

Elaine is a positive uplifting lady! She has a great attention to detail, explains complex things in easy to understand ways and has a wide knowledge in the Social Media World. A pleasure to know her.

profile-picAmanda BlainCEO Girlfriend Social

Spent a good chunk of my day with Elaine Lindsay. Learned so much about social media, optimization, Google, YouTube, Linkedin and the list goes on and on. Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and generosity! You are amazing!

Julie Richer 

Founder at PEAK Energy Management

Social media consultants and SEO professionals are in abundance…though, there is a scarcity of very competent, knowledgeable people in the industry. Luckily, in Elaine Lindsay, you’ve found a gem. Needless to say, we’ve found our social media and SEO professional.

Ken Sundheim Founder | CEO KAS Placement

Thank you SO MUCH. When I go to clients homes, they often say they Googled me and were impressed with what they found and how well I came up in the results. Thank you!

Lisa BoutilierReal Estate Agent, Realtor(r), Sales Representative

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