What is my One Word Theme for 2012?

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This is a very personal post, not to be private, yet very much at the core of who I am.  Let me tell you off the bat, I am beyond excited to unleash the next phase in my life.

In our mentoring group with Mari Smith the Marvelous ( My moniker for her) she challenged us to define our plans for 2012 with a one word theme.  I have been ruminating on my answer all month.. and here is part one.

I thought my theme in 2011 was “Excellence” and to that end I did everything I could to build my TROOL Social brand in a manner that embodied my motto.. ‘Customer Service Excellence begins with YOU’.

I TROOL-Y (Yup definitely a bit on the cheesy side) enjoy interacting with all types of people all the time.. I find that everyone has their own unique,interesting and often touching story about their reasons, their dreams and their journey to NOW..

Living my NOW, making every day the best  so far, being present 100% of the time is my ultimate dream.

I am well aware that we humans have flaws, and perfection is not only unattainable, it would be downright boring! Just imagine: We would all be little cookie cutter clones. I think a perfect world would be the most terrifying horror story ever envisioned.

With this in mind,I realize that 2011 was actually the year of ‘Yes’ taking new paths, saying yes to all types of questions both large and small. In the end I find i was actually learning to say ‘Yes’ to me.

Paradoxically,in this last quarter of this year I am saying ‘Yes’ to putting me first. A concept so foreign, my mentor, Patricia Wall has been trying for more than 8 years to have me comprehend,accept, and embody.  Finally, I began to see it.

I said ‘no’ a few times; when I realized that I was putting myself and my needs at the back of the line, often in a distant non-line all by myself… too busy saying ‘yes to everyone and everything else’ to stop and hear my questions and requests for me.. too busy with all else to say ‘yes’ to me.

I am now more comfortable with saying ‘Yes’ to me, still a work in progress.

So after all that, my one-word theme for 2012 is still not completely clear..


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