What's Next For NYC Nightlife

What's Next For NYC Nightlife?

These days more than ever, with the rise of the internet and social media, information travels faster than ever before. New trends are constantly being created, making old one's obsolete. In an industry that's driven by exclusivity and trendiness,

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Is it time for a C-level social media executive?

Every so often, ever since social media began steadily making its way into the enterprise, the question has been periodically raised about whether it has reached the level of strategic importance to warrant a dedicated C-level executive role. A new
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Facebook Highlights: The beginning of paid social networking?

Facebook is testing a new pay-to-promote system for status updates: the idea is that users can pay a small fee to Facebook to have a particular status update appear on their social networks in a more-visible manner. Right now, the test service appears

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