Yeah! Google+ uniques grew 66 percent in 8 months

I just read the article: Google+ uniques grew 66 percent in 8 months by Jennifer Van Grove and in it she says:

“Users are not that active and [are] still relegated to a subset of tech savvy people,”Altimeter Group mobile analyst Chris Silva told me a few weeks ago at Google I/O. “[Google+] is not nearly as broadly accepted as Facebook.”  ….

Here is my response.. 

It took Facebook a few years to reach the current size and with all the gaming, farmville, mobwars etc., It has become unwieldy and at times frustrating.. the poor mobile app  is one of the more glaring issues.

I think the refreshing side of Google+ is the lack of games cluttering up my stream – UNLESS you want to play they do not muddy up your stream:

Your stream is just that: Yours and it is up to you to decide which circles, how much of a circle and who’s info you want to see. The beauty of this is that I can control it every day if i want to.

I am in the social media field so it makes sense that I spend more time online..


I do have a special place in my heart for ♥ Google+♥ and as a Google+ Evangelist {Unofficial} I want to bring one and all in to our social circles.. come on Hangout.. I know everyone who tries it will enjoy it!

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