YouTube Bumper Ads: Increase Reach & Brand Awareness in Just 6 Seconds

Happy to have a guest post from Faiz Varghese of TechWyse providing a really good explanation of YouTube Bumper Ads.. those six seconds can be the difference in your marketing magic!

If you look at YouTube today, you can see that it has evolved into one of the world’s biggest search platforms. Youtube comes second in line after Google in terms of search. A lot of users are active on the platform by uploading heck lot of videos every day. Advertisers see the platform ideal for brand promotion. 

One thing many of us lack today is the attention span since we are fed with so much information from different platforms that we start to lose patience gradually. 

YouTube Bumper Ads

So, how to effectively reach your potential customers on YouTube? Here is when you need to have a quick look at the six-second YouTube Bumper Ads. These are short unskippable six-second videos played before a YouTube video with the potential to drive brand reach and frequency. 

Bumper Ads can be run as an independent campaign, but Google recommends you combine them with TrueView Ads to increase their effectiveness. However, bumper ads must be set up as their own campaign in Google Ads.

Just like Youtube and Google advertising types, bumper ads also function within a bidding pricing model. The cost changes depending on targeting and competition. However, you can set a daily budget to make sure you don’t spend more than what is required!

Are These Ads Effective?

As mentioned earlier, these ads are effective in driving the attention of many with its short ad format. Since they are only six seconds, its design is less time-consuming. 

During the initial time of its launch, the concept was not accepted by advertisers for various reasons. Advertisers were taking up the challenge as they were confident of the fact that people will watch these unskippable ads. 

Again, bumper ads are short and, if executed correctly, has the potential to spread brand awareness.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you begin to create your Ad, there are some things to keep in mind to maximize its effect. 

Keep it simple and on point-  Always make sure to keep the visuals in your ad as simple as possible since too much of it can be a distraction in such a short time span. 

Focus on your objective- It is essential to keep your ad on point and concise. Don’t try to fit too many things into your ad and confuse your audience. Focus on your primary objective and try to portray that more.

Grab attention- Starting your ad with a funny moment, a striking visual, or celebrity talent can be a great way to grab your viewers’ attention real fast in that short span. 
Shoot for six seconds-  It can be tempting to cut down that 30 or 15-second video ads to fit the six-second format. However, this may not always work. There are high chances of your ad coming off to be confusing or disjointed. It is best if you could freshly shoot your ad for just six seconds!

An infographic designed by TechWyse will guide you through the specifications and requirements for your six-second YouTube bumper ads

Infographic showing the What Why and How of  YouTube Bumper Ads

Guest post by Faiz Varghese of TechWyse

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